National Gold Hengxin company Comprehensive Management System Audit


December 2,2019-december 5, Beijing Guojinheng Certification Co. , Ltd. on the company's quality, environment, occupational health and safety three-system annual audit work.

On the morning of the 2nd, the first meeting was held with the participation of the executive vice general manager Shen Weigen and the managers of various departments. The meeting was held with the head of the audit team introducing the schedule and contents of the audit. After the meeting, by the company to arrange guidance staff to actively cooperate, seriously with the audit teacher to carry out 3.5 days on-site audit.



  At the last meeting of the 5th, the teacher of the audit team made a comprehensive summary of the audit process, affirmed the overall operation of our company's quality system, introduced the problems found in the audit, and put forward non-conformities and suggestions And believe that our enterprise can through continuous improvement to create a better, more outstanding organizational system.

微信图片_20191205163406The audit process is to find the problem, continuous improvement process. In the light of the problems raised by teachers, we should analyze and summarize some problems, such as the lack of depth and accuracy in understanding the standards, and the unclear outline, and some problems, such as the lack of understanding of their reasons, and the lack of preventive measures.