In order to meet the company's development needs, the company's board of directors, decided to set up Zhejiang Lianxin Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Lianxin Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Lianxin Sheet Material Technology Co., Ltd., Haining Lianxin Metal Products Co., Ltd., Haining Lianxin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Haining Xinhong Real Estate Planning Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Lianxin Sheet Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise of steel plate production and trade. The company is located in Jianshan New District, Haining City, Zhejiang Province. It covers an area of 818 mu and a registered capital of RMB 300 million. The main production and operation is pickling and rolling Rolls, hot-dip galvanized volumes, Caitu volumes and other products, products are widely used in automotive ...


ZHEJIANG LIANXIN STEEL PLATE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD ,is a collection of steel processing, trade as one of the integrated enterprise, the company is located in JIanshan new dist,Haining,Zhejiang province, covers 545,336.00 square meters, the registered capital is 300 million RMB,main products are pickling steel coil, CR Full hard coil, hot galvanized steel coil, color coated steel coil and so on. The products are widely applied to automobiles, home appliances, decoration, hardware, construction etc

    The company design the capacity is 2.2 million tons, which is divided into two phase of construction, with a total investment of about 3.5 billion yuan . The 1st phase invest 1.3 billion yuan, currently has 1.2 million continuous pickling unit, 1 million tons of six roll five stand tandem cold mill unit, 200,000 tons single stand mill, 200,000 tons galvanized aluminum unit, 250,000 tons hot dip galvanized unit, 120,000 tons color coated coil unit.Shear distribution center (pickling plate cutting, slitting, galvanized sheet cutting, slitting) and interface and auxiliary facilities.

    Equipment technology are based on advanced technology such like contemporary steel cold, hydraulic pressure sensor, electronic control, computer and communication etc,with large,continuous and automation’s characteristics.At present,we has already established the close contact with BaoSteel, Anshan Steel, Benxi Steel, Meishan Steel,Nibo Steel and other steel plant in technology, talent, research, development, management,has established a good corporate image with solid strength, high-quality professional talents, advanced equipment and high quality services in the community. 

    We adhere to the "integrity, professional, win-win" business philosophy, adhere to the customer first, quality first, as science and technology service to the customers, adhere to the technological progress and innovation, constantly transcend.It has developed to considerable strength and scale of cole roll professing enterprise.


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Corporate culture

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Companies adhering to the "integrity, professional, win-win" business philosophy, adhere to the user first,

Quality first, technology services to customers, adhere to technological progress, continuous innovation, and constantly go beyond.

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Build a famous brand of Chinese steel

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Companies adhere to the "people-oriented" concept, for employees to create a good working environment and life

Entertainment space, at the same time through the organization of training, dispatch to learn, hire foreign high-tech people

Only to guide the way to enhance the level of staff skills, production line manufacturing level, product quality level.

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Chairman of the speech

Chairman of the speech

Company design, planning capacity of 2.2 million tons, in two phases of construction, with a total investment of about 3.5 billion yuan. A project investment of 1.3 billion yuan, the construction of 1.2 million tons of continuous pickling unit, 1 million tons of six-roll five-stand cold rolling mill, 200,000 tons of single-stand reversible rolling mill, 200,000 tons of hot-dip galvanizing unit, Tons of hot-dip galvanizing unit, 120,000 tons of color coating unit, shear distribution center (pickling plate cross shear, slitting, galvanized sheet transverse shear, slitting), inspection center and can refer to public facilities.

The company has set up production scheduling room, technical quality room, equipment room, pickling workshop, rolling workshop, roller workshop, coating workshop, can be involved in the production of the company, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of sales, office, workshop. All the equipment and technology of the company are based on the advanced technologies such as cold working, hydraulic sensing, electronic control, computer and information communication. It has the characteristics of large-scale, continuous and automatic. It has been cooperated with Baosteel, Anshan Iron and Steel, Steel, steel and other steel mills in technology, personnel, research and development, management of many aspects of the establishment of a close contact, the company since April 2012 since the production, with strong strength, high-quality professionals, advanced equipment and quality and efficient Services in the community to establish a good corporate image.

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